Did you know that your computer is trying to access something on the localhost using port 8888? This can be a problem for website builders, because this could affect how your site works. In this article I will show you exactly what is happening and show you two fixes that will slow down or completely stop localhost accessing.

When you try to open https://localhost:8888 in Internet Explorer 7, nothing happens … the browser always stops working and opens a new window

I just set up a brand new Ubuntu VPS to run my own private LAMP server for development and testing, given that the shared hosting I was using was getting rather slow. Anyway, for the sake of convenience, I decided to set the localhost URL to an IP address like I usually do ( or 192.168..x ). Here’s how you can do it on your ubuntu box.

Localhost:8888 is an Apache2 web server that you can use to manage MySQL databases. It has been designed so that it can be easily set up and configured for development. To start using it, simply clone this repository. At a minimum, you should have put in directions to compile the sources as well as installed MySQL if you don’t have it already and installed the latest PHP interpreter from CPAN (if using Windows).

localhost:8888 is a special MySQL instance running one of the Magento extension’s mongoDB servers. Its purpose is to allow users to test out the content of the Magento extension without having to physically install the package on their working computer. The compile and deploy process for Magento extensions generally takes a very long time (even after having it build on multiple machines). This instance allows developers to test out changes and new functionality while at the same time being able to save images used for developing the extension.

MySQL Information Systems (MSIS) is a commercial product of IBM that integrates MySQL with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Localhost is an important part of MAMP which allows MySQL to be started and maintained on localhost instead of the default instance set up by hosting provider. The configuration of MAMP makes sure you have the latest version of MySQL installed to keep your data crystal-clear.

MAMP is a PHP framework that you can use for development. It’s simple and modular with great documentation. MySQL is the default in MAMP, although MariaDB is available too, but MySQL remains the most widely used and supported.

MySQL is today becoming a depreciated feature of PHP. Designed as a query language, MySQL has been superseded by more efficient PHP frameworks, libmysql and PHPMySQL. But MySQL is not dead yet and can be dusted off and used again by anyone with a desire to create a database-driven website or app. The following article will show you how to create a local mysql instance on your localhost (8088) using basic knowledge and best practices. It will also show you how to use it with MAMP and MySQL directly, but not having once looked at another framework.