When you try to open the localhost in chrome you are getting HTTP Error 404 – Not Found The server can’t find the requested page. This may be caused by an error in the URL you entered, or your internet connection may not be working correctly. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator. What does it mean? When your site is live, that means your site must have a domain and url so people like me can type into my browser localhost:5000 i.e It has all the same features as a live wordpress website running on your computer. Sometimes, it will be critical to set it up when developing wordpress websites.

Database error When you try to retrieve the information from the localhost:5000 table, usually you get the following error: [Blocking I/O]: Connection refused, retrying in 15..29..30..31.. because mysql is currently unable to handle this request… ack table already exists… when trying to insert a new record to the table. probably it’s a problem with the postgres driver that you installed or that’s the reason why you’re using mysqlnd in the first place.

Localhost:5000 works great, however, it seems that you’re getting the following error when trying to access it on your computer:
1 2 <html> <head> <title> Localhost : 5000</title> </head> <body> <!-- localhost:5000 --> <form method=post onsubmit=""return false""> <!-- localhost:5000 --> <input type=hidden name=a value="""> <!-- localhost:5000 --> <input type=hidden name=c value=""> <input type=hidden name=q> <input type=hidden name=x> <input type=hidden name=l> <input type=hidden name=w> <input type=hidden name=a> <input type=submit>

Do you often get the error: localhost:5000: Connection refused? When you open up a new tab to localhost 5000 do you get the same error, or is there something different I am not seeing.

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