You can also visit phpMyAdmin in your localhost using this button:

phpMyAdmin is a free, open-source web-based database management program written in PHP that is intended to manage MySQL databases online. It offers conducting and executing queries, as well as database management, table management, field management, relation management, index management, table management, relation management, and index management. The backup and import processes it carries out often include archive backup and data imports from external sources.

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How do I run PHP in phpMyAdmin?

You can’t run PHP into phpMyAdmin.

Why is phpMyAdmin not working

Most of the user faces many problems while using phpMyAdmin. The particular problem is that “phpmyadmin is not working”.They face this issue due to some corruption of data on server or operating system corruption.If you want to fix a problem then you should have to follow the below steps.

Common host/phpmyadmine Not Function – Problem Solved

Go to apache config first and foremost.

Now go and Apache’s “httpd.conf” to see if you are opening a notepad tab.”

Finish with ctrl + F the word “Listen,” or go to Edit and then choose Find.

Substitute “Listen 80” with “Listen 8080.”

Once more discover, adjust “Listen” and save “Localhost ServerName: 80″ to “Localhost ServerName:8080.

“The locale host/phpmyadmin is nearly fixed” “

Step 6: Go to config again and choose “Apache (httpd-sss.conf).”

Step 7 means “Listen 443” to be found and “Listen 4433” to be modified

Step 8: Find and replace “” by “” and back it up.

Step 9: Set up and choose “Configurations Service & Ports” and update and save the port to 8080 and 4433.

Step 10: Restart, the phpmyadmin/localhost is solved.

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