What features are lost in Windows 11?

Windows 11, the latest update to the Windows family of operating systems, is likely to give users a new and better Windows experience. Even though Windows 11 has a lot of cool new features, some of the things people loved about Windows have been taken away. Windows Media Center, the Windows 7 games pack, Windows DVD Maker, and Windows Classic Solitaire are among these components. Also, some Windows APIs have been removed, which could make it hard for software and apps written for older versions of Windows that depend on these APIs to run on Windows 11. Despite this, Windows 11 has a slew of technological changes and enhancements for consumers to enjoy.

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New User Interface and Appearance

Windows 11 has been released with a completely new interface and appearance. While this new style is sleek and modern, it comes at the expense of losing some functions. Some of the most popular elements, such as old menus and toolbars, are no longer available with the new design.

Features that have been removed

A lot of features from the previous version of Windows have been eliminated in the new version. This includes traditional menus and toolbars, as well as features like the ability to disable notifications and the Task Manager. Microsoft has also deleted some functionality, including as the ability to modify the Start Menu and alter the wallpaper.

The Effect on Users

Users have been impacted by the discontinuation of these functionalities. Several customers are dissatisfied with the lack of customization choices and the removal of capabilities accessible in prior Windows versions. Also, some users are having difficulty adjusting to Windows 11’s new interface and appearance.

Microsoft Office App Suite

On Windows 11, the Microsoft Office Suite of Programs is no longer available. Users will be unable to access critical documents and spreadsheets, as well as the popular Outlook and Word programs. Microsoft has decided to delete these apps in order to make Windows 11 smaller and more user-friendly.


Windows 11 no longer supports OneDrive. This cloud-based storage service was a popular feature for consumers since it allowed them to store data, documents, images, and videos in one convenient location. Users must discover alternate storage alternatives for their files if this feature is not available.

Microsoft Windows Media Player

Windows 11 also no longer includes the popular Windows Media Player. This was a popular media player among users since it let them to listen to music, watch videos, and listen to podcasts on their computers. Users will instead have to look for alternative media players that are compatible with Windows 11.