Your IP: 2409:8954:3254:322b:159c:20cf:a653:12af
Continent: Asia
Country: China
Country Code: CN
Region: GD
Region Name: Guangdong
City: Shenzhen
Latitude: 22.5559
Longitude: 114.0577
Timezone: Asia/Shanghai
Currency: CNY
ISP Information: China Mobile Communications Corporation
Browser Name: Handheld Browser
Operating System: iPhone
Country Flag: Go to localhost:9999

localhost:9999 is a dead-end. This can happen when you need to access a specific piece of software from the command line. This problem is designed to be as amusing as possible, what do you get when you mix humor and learning? The solution is to keep the command prompt going as long as possible by typing in the following even if you’re connected to localhost:9999 via tunneling or behind a router firewall.

Localhost:9999 does not exist. Can you reproduce this error? Something went wrong with your dot-files, and ain’t nobody got time for that. It was just another one of those fun failures that spawn tales of woe and encouragement. What went wrong? Mysql was having some problems, and some weird things were happening with the database server. Oh well. What can you do about localhost:9999? Gather some data and start searching for solutions. Go figure

Localhost:9999 cannot access your localhost:99999 (localhost). Why is this? Do you have an ad blocker installed? Is setup properly or is the web server itself down? Localhost:99999 was responding with status 200 to HTTPS requests when I was using Chrome.

Localhost:9999 is a web service that enables users to launch their own personal web server. It sets up a process which allows users to install and start their own MySQL database with maximum security. However, the site does not have an integrated process for authentication so said variables do not show up in the config file.