Your IP:
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan
Country Code: PK
Region: PB
Region Name: Punjab
City: Talamba
Latitude: 30.5269
Longitude: 72.2408
Timezone: Asia/Karachi
Currency: PKR
ISP Information: Wateen Telecom Limited
Browser Name: Chrome
Operating System: Windows 10
Country Flag: Go to localhost:8989

Are you experiencing the same problem I was just told about? You can get a localhost 8989 webpage by using the server log command in your terminal. It might take some time for the page to load. When the page loads up, press enter and you’ll see your localhost address in the box below it. Boom!

localhost:8989 is a PHP-based web host that is created by Hostinger. It’s a little confusing which web host you should pick especially if you just started your web hosting business. But worried about pricing and uptime and running maintenance tasks on a regular basis? You must consider localhost 8989.

Did you get a 404 error when trying to access localhost:8989? Most likely you didn’t set up your web host credentials correctly. If you have never had this problem with your domain, then it’s a little more general than that. You may not have heard of Twitter or Reddit, neither are mentioned in the article below. This is because these services power most Reddit and Twitter services, so when someone types in “”localhost:8989″” into Google, Twitter has a very good chance of showing up eventually (but if it doesn’t appear immediately, try refreshing again). If you’re using PHP and its built-in functions, such as those in irb and connect, then this isn’t a problem and can be expected.

In order to determine if there is an issue with your localhost, you will need to open your Internet browser and go to localhost 8989. This may not be able to accomplish everything, but it should provide enough information to determine if the site is working or not.