How To Uninstall Games Mac

Title: How to Uninstall Games on a Mac: The Ultimate Guide


Have you ever encountered a situation where your Mac is running out of storage space and you need to free up some? Uninstalling games that you no longer play could be a great way to do that. But what if you haven’t done it before and have no idea how to uninstall games on a Mac? Don’t worry because in this article, we will unravel the mystery and teach you how to uninstall games on a Mac step by step.

Table of Contents:

1. Understanding How to Uninstall Games on a Mac
2. Different Methods for Uninstalling Games on a Mac
– 2.1. Using the Trash
– 2.2. Using Finder
– 2.3. Using Launchpad
– 2.4. Using Third-Party Apps
3. Tips and Tricks for a Clean Uninstallation
4. Conclusion

1. Understanding How to Uninstall Games on a Mac

Before diving into the various methods to uninstall games on a Mac, it’s essential to understand that macOS handles app installations differently from Windows. On a Mac, most apps are self-contained, meaning they store all their files and resources within the app itself. Hence, uninstalling an app like a game usually involves just deleting the app bundle. Now that you know this, it’s time to explore different ways of how to uninstall games on a Mac.

2. Different Methods for Uninstalling Games on a Mac

There are several ways to uninstall games on a Mac. Let’s go through them one by one.

2.1. Using the Trash

This is the simplest and most straightforward method. To uninstall a game using the Trash method:

1. Open the Finder from the dock.
2. Go to the Applications folder.
3. Locate the game you want to uninstall, then click and drag it to the Trash icon in the dock.
4. Empty the Trash.

2.2. Using Finder

For games that come with an uninstaller:

1. Open the Finder.
2. Go to the Applications folder.
3. Find the game folder, and inside it, there should be an uninstaller app (usually named “Uninstall” or “Uninstall [Game Name]”).
4. Double-click the uninstaller and follow the instructions.

2.3. Using Launchpad

This method is helpful for games installed through the Mac App Store. Here’s how to uninstall a game using Launchpad:

1. Open Launchpad from the dock or by pressing the F4 key on your keyboard.
2. Locate the game you want to uninstall.
3. Click and hold the game icon until all the icons start to wiggle.
4. Click the small “x” in the upper-left corner of the game icon, then confirm by clicking Delete.

2.4. Using Third-Party Apps

There are several third-party apps available that make uninstalling games on a Mac even easier. Some popular ones include AppCleaner, CleanMyMac X, and TrashMe. These apps help find and delete leftover files, ensuring a more thorough and cleaner uninstallation.

3. Tips and Tricks for a Clean Uninstallation

Sometimes, simply deleting the game bundle may not entirely remove its files. To ensure a clean uninstallation, follow these tips:

1. After uninstalling a game through any of the methods mentioned above, go to Finder and select “Go” from the menu bar, then choose “Go to Folder…”.
2. Type “~/Library” in the dialog box and click “Go”.
3. Check the following folders for any leftover game files: Application Support, Caches, Preferences, and Containers.
4. Delete any leftover files related to the game you uninstalled.


Now that you know how to uninstall games on a Mac, you can quickly clear up some storage space on your device. Remember to check for leftover files after uninstalling to ensure a cleaner system. And don’t forget to occasionally remove unused apps or games to maintain a tidy and efficient Mac!

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How do I uninstall an app on my Mac?

To uninstall an app on your Mac, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Finder: Click on the Finder icon in your Dock, or press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight and search for “Finder.”

2. Go to the Applications folder: In the Finder’s sidebar, click on “Applications.” You can also press Shift + Command + A to open the Applications folder.

3. Locate the app: Browse through the Applications folder and find the app you want to uninstall. You can use the search bar in the upper-right corner if you have difficulties finding the app.

4. Drag the app to the Trash: Click on the app and drag it to the Trash icon in your Dock. Alternatively, you can right-click (or Control + click) on the app and select “Move to Trash” from the context menu.

5. Empty the Trash: After moving the app to the Trash, right-click (or Control + click) on the Trash icon and select “Empty Trash.” This will permanently delete the app from your Mac.

Please note that some apps may leave behind associated files, such as preferences or cache files, in your Library folder. To remove these remnants, follow these additional steps:

1. Open Library folder: In Finder, click on “Go” in the menu bar, then hold down the Option key and select “Library.”

2. Search for app-related folders: Look for any folders related to the uninstalled app. Common locations include Application Support, Preferences, and Caches. Be cautious not to delete any unrelated files or folders.

3. Delete app-related folders: Once you find the app-related folders, drag them to the Trash and empty it as mentioned earlier.

Now you’ve successfully uninstalled the app and removed any leftover files from your Mac.

How do I completely uninstall Steam games on Mac?

To completely uninstall Steam games on Mac, follow these steps:

1. Open the Steam application on your Mac by clicking on the Steam icon in your Dock or Applications folder.

2. Once Steam is open, log in to your account if you’re not already logged in.

3. In the top menu bar, click on “Library” to access your list of installed games.

4. Find the game you want to uninstall in the list. You can use the search bar if needed.

5. Right-click (or control-click) on the game title and select “Uninstall…” from the context menu that appears.

6. A confirmation window will pop up. Click the “Delete” button to completely uninstall the game from your Mac.

Keep in mind that this process only uninstalls the game files; any save files or additional data may still be stored on your computer. To remove these files as well, follow the steps below:

1. Close the Steam application.

2. Open a Finder window and click on “Go” in the top menu bar.

3. Select “Go to Folder…” from the dropdown menu and enter “~/Library/Application Support/” in the text field that appears. Press Enter.

4. Locate the “Steam” folder within the Application Support directory.

5. Navigate to the following subfolder: Steam > userdata > [your user ID] > 7

6. Within this folder, locate the folders associated with the game you just uninstalled. These folders will have numerical names and may contain save files, configuration files, or other important information.

7. Delete the game-related folders to completely remove any leftover files from your Mac.

Please remember to be cautious when deleting files and folders from your system. Make sure you are only removing files related to the specific game you uninstalled to avoid any potential issues with other Steam games or applications.

Why can’t you uninstall apps on Mac?

There are instances where you can’t uninstall apps on Mac due to certain factors, such as:

1. Apps downloaded from the Mac App Store: By default, macOS only allows you to uninstall apps downloaded from the App Store. To uninstall others, you may need additional tools or manual steps.

2. System apps: macOS includes some pre-installed apps that are critical to the system’s functioning, such as Safari, Mail, etc. Removing these could cause issues with your system, so macOS restricts their uninstallation.

3. Running apps: If an app is currently running, macOS will not allow you to remove it. You need to quit the app completely before attempting to uninstall it.

4. Incomplete installations: Sometimes, an app may not have been installed correctly, making it difficult for macOS to remove it. In this case, you may require additional methods or third-party tools to help you uninstall the app.

5. Malware or adware: Malicious apps may prevent themselves from being removed in order to stay on your system. Using specialized software, like antivirus programs, can help you identify and remove such apps.

To uninstall apps not available in the App Store or facing any of the above issues, consider using third-party uninstallers or following manual removal steps. Always be cautious when removing apps and ensure you are not compromising your system’s functionality.

Does uninstalling Steam uninstall games on Mac?

When you uninstall Steam on Mac, it does not automatically uninstall the games that you have downloaded through the platform. However, these games will be inaccessible without Steam. To fully remove the games, you’ll need to delete the game files manually from your computer.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Finder on your Mac.
2. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common. Note that the “~” symbol represents your home folder.
3. In the common folder, you’ll find the folders for each of the games you have installed through Steam.
4. Delete the folders for the games you want to uninstall by dragging them to the Trash.

Keep in mind that this will only remove the game files and not any saved progress or settings. To delete those as well, you’ll need to locate and delete the corresponding folders within the ~/Library/Application Support directory.

After deleting the game files and folders, make sure to empty the Trash to permanently remove them from your computer.

What are the most effective methods to completely uninstall games on a Mac?

There are several effective methods to completely uninstall games on a Mac. The most important parts are highlighted with bold text.

1. Using the built-in uninstaller: Many games come with their own uninstaller. Look for an uninstaller app within the game’s folder or in the Applications folder. Run the uninstaller and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the game.

2. Dragging to Trash: Locate the game in the Applications folder, then click and drag the game icon to the Trash. This method often leaves behind leftover files, so you may need to manually delete those as well.

3. Manual removal: After dragging the game to Trash, search for any remaining files by going to Finder > Go > Go to Folder and entering ~/Library. Look for related files in the following folders: Application Support, Caches, Containers, Preferences, and Saved Application State. Be cautious when removing files to avoid deleting important system files.

4. Using third-party uninstaller apps: Some apps like AppCleaner, CleanMyMac, and AppZapper specialize in uninstalling apps and removing residual files. Download and install one of these apps, then follow the instructions to uninstall the game.

Always remember to empty the Trash after uninstalling a game to permanently remove it from your Mac.

How can I troubleshoot issues while uninstalling games from my Mac?

When uninstalling games from your Mac, you may encounter various issues that can disrupt the process. Here are some steps to help you troubleshoot these problems:

1. Restart your Mac: Sometimes, a simple reboot can resolve any temporary glitches or conflicts that are causing the uninstallation issues.

2. Ensure you have administrative rights: Make sure you’re logged in as an administrator, as uninstalling applications often require administrative access.

3. Delete game-related files and folders manually: If the game’s uninstaller isn’t working, you can try locating and deleting the game files manually. Look for the game’s main application folder (usually in the Applications folder) and drag it to the Trash. Don’t forget to empty the Trash after doing so.

4. Clear caches and preference files: Some games may leave behind cache and preference files even after being uninstalled. To remove these files, look for the game’s associated files in the following locations and delete them:
– ~/Library/Caches
– ~/Library/Preferences
– ~/Library/Application Support

5. Use third-party uninstaller apps: There are several third-party uninstaller apps available (such as AppCleaner or CleanMyMac), which can help you remove games and their associated files more effectively.

6. Check for system updates: Make sure your Mac is up-to-date, as outdated system files can sometimes cause issues when trying to uninstall applications.

7. Contact the game developer: If you’re still having trouble uninstalling a specific game, consider reaching out to the game’s developer for assistance or check their support forums for known issues and solutions.

Remember to always back up your data before attempting any major changes or troubleshooting steps on your Mac.

Are there any recommended tools or apps to help remove games and their leftover files on a Mac?

Yes, there are several recommended tools and apps to help you effectively remove games and their leftover files on a Mac. Two popular options include:

1. AppCleaner: This is a free utility that completely uninstalls an application from your Mac, including any leftover files or directories. To use AppCleaner, simply drag and drop the app you want to remove into the AppCleaner interface. It will find all the associated files, and you can review them before confirming the deletion.

2. CleanMyMac X: CleanMyMac X is another powerful option for uninstalling apps on a Mac. It offers a wide range of features beyond app removal, such as system cleaning and optimization. The Uninstaller feature allows you to remove not only games but also any other applications along with their associated files. CleanMyMac X has a subscription-based pricing model with a free trial available.

Remember that manually uninstalling games by dragging them to the Trash may leave behind residual files. Using dedicated uninstall apps like the ones mentioned above can ensure a more thorough removal process, providing you with a cleaner and better-performing system.