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To test a program on the local machine, use the -l option of the program. The above example runs the server with port 3010 on the local machine. All this means is that you can run your program locally and as long as you have access to the port on your machine (and not through a firewall or other security barrier) other machines can access it as well. However, to be able to test a web application that users from other computers you’ll need something more than just running your program locally. You’ll need an address from which users from outside your local network will be able to reach it. If you don’t have one already, create an address for testing purposes by following these steps: Step 1: Go to System > Local Area Network (LAN) > Network Address for Your Computer > Click New then choose Fixed Address. It will ask for a name for the new address we are going to configure so here’s what you need to write in its fields: global>,local> global>: This is where our computer’s Internet hostname goes – http://your-ip-here>/ in this case your-ip-here> = local>: This will be used as our local network’s name server address – Here we’ll set up mytestserver local>: This is what we call our computer or whatever weird device can communicate over our network – In this case, it would


När du först startar upp din applikation kommer anslutningsstatusen att visas som "Ready" och sedan ändras detta till "Not Ready" när programmet har initierats helt.

Mediaserver: fel 2001 Mediaservern är offline. 

Mediaservern är offline. Det betyder att servern är igång, men den har inte konfigurerats för att tillåta externa anslutningar. Vänligen konfigurera din mediaserver för att acceptera anslutningar utanför ditt nätverk.

Lösning för localhost 3010-fel